Roulette Tips

Roulette Tips

I believe that every player is looking for a trick to play that can conquer different games. To get more easy prize money Therefore, in this article I would like to offer roulette a secret like no other. Which is broadcasted from the gambling gambler in the game of steel ball roulette game that can make you rich overnight. Come together with 9 best techniques to play roulette.

  1. Stab the number

A single number bet is considered the most difficult thing in this game. But we want to recommend that because it has a price that is as much as 36 times, but it is still difficult to predict correctly. Therefore, we have to guess only one number. But many bets are placed in the numbers? Is that a lot of numbers? I will suggest what numbers should be predicted.
You are probably thinking that it is not trustworthy because everything requires a horoscope. The steel ball will spin and fall into any slot, but you are wrong. Because of the statistics of the roulette game The maximum number is 0 because it is the number that you will eat every stab, except that we will bet on the number 0, so we will be rewarded. In addition to the number 0, there are 6 numbers that you should stick to. If betting on the roulette game
That is, 5, 8, 14, 17, 29 and 32, with all these numbers being the numbers in 2 because of the second row of statistics that will come out. If you don’t believe me You try to calculate it in 100 eyes. If you bet, as I said this You will gain Or how much loss Try to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

  1. High-low tip

In the roulette game, there is a bet bet. By which we will introduce That is to bet on 12 numbers, which will have a double payout rate. The number of roulette will be 36. We bet 12 numbers in 2 sets, such as placing bets 1 -12 and placing bets at 13 – 24 if The steel ball agreed at numbers 1 – 24. We will get the same amount of money 2, but will lose one page, for example if betting at 100 baht.
Both when the number 1 position will be exactly where the bet 1 -12 is 300 baht and the capital, but you will lose 100 baht, which you bet 13 – 24, that you invest 200 baht and get 300 baht when deduct The capital will receive a profit of 100 baht. How many people will not like it because it requires a lot of capital. But less But also very good That is, the odds that you lose are very small.
This way, if you want to get a 300 – 500 day, you can use it. Allowing you to place bets at 150 baht per side because Can only place a maximum bet, if 3 times you get 450, then easily get the money almost 100% Yes

3. Unique stabbingDo not repeat the bet as you know that guessing numbers That the roulette game will be numbered is very difficult Therefore, when looking at the reverse angle Let us choose the number in mind. 1 number and that number. The opportunity to get out is very difficult, right? When this happens, let us stab every number that we don’t choose. Do you understand, for example, if we choose 30 numbers in your heart?
Let us stab every number that is not number 30, regardless of the roulette number. Please do not be number 0 and number 30 is enough. But must have the capital to play But if it comes out The number that we didn’t bet on This may be ruined. But it is the most risk-reducing method We should play just as much as the candy is enough for this method because it is done many times Being c


4. Easy to bet on the middle

In the middle of the bet that is the most easy to win for the roulette game This one comes to please the energies. Not a way to bet on how much money you can earn. But there is more opportunity That is the middle bet Will have a double pay rate by 1 -12 to a low 13 – 24 neutral and 25 to 36 will be high
By stabbing in the middle will have more opportunities And easier to win More fun Because the roulette wheel is black and red, the right side is low Red on the right side is high. And alternately, the black on the left will be high And the left red is low Therefore, no matter what color the steel ball will rotate, which side is the most likely to be out of the middle?

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Poipet Casino

Poipet Casino

Poipet Casino is one of the casinos that many people go to play together. And is also the largest casino in Cambodia, Poipet Casino or Khmer Casino is a casino that gamblers, whether Thai or foreign, are investing to increase their own funds. Especially Thai people, because traveling to Poipet Casino is considered difficult and very convenient. There are both tour buses and VIP buses to Poipet Casino at this Poipet Casino. Consisting of 9 major casino hotels is considered an important economic area. Of Cambodia

It is also an important trade route for both Thailand and Cambodia and also has an important commercial market, Thai-Cambodia Friendship Market Or we call it Poi Klua Market itself, Poipet Casino is also an important entry point to travel to Angkor Wat, Nakhon Pathom as well. It takes only 2 hours to travel. Therefore is a route for both Thai and foreign tourists Most commonly used

Poipet Casino is a former red area. That used to be a battleground from the battle as well

Which most areas Full of bombs And war weapons From the mud of conflict Until becoming a gold area in trade and important international contacts And is the area That investors and businessmen are aiming And want to come and start from the top businessmen from Indonesia The first casino business in these areas is the first, Holiday Palace Casino (Holiday Palace Casino) and later the Golden Crown Casino (Golden Crown Casino) was born. Up from Cambodian businessmen and soon there was another Aran Poipet Casino (Aran Poipet Casino) But eventually changed the name to Holiday Poioet (Holiday Poipet)

Since being merged with Holiday Palace during the first year of service, there are gamblers, casino tours and tourists Circulating to use a lot of services Therefore making this area even more into the eyes of many big business people coming in Requesting more investment concessions to open a casino business in Poipet Currently, there are a total of 9 casinos that make the most popular sentences “to make merit 9 temples.
“Means” go to Wat Duang Ma 9 casino “of those who like to risk the tourist Or those who come to the casino tour By all casinos in Poipet as follows

  1. Grand Diamond City (Grand Diamond City)

2.Poipet Casino Resort (Poipet Casino Resort)

3.Star Vegas (Star Vegas)

4.Holiday Palace (Holiday Palace)

5.Holiday Poipet (Holiday Poipet)

6.Crown Casino (Crown Casino)

7.Princess Crown (Princess Crown)

8.Geting Crown (Getty Crown)

9.Tropicana (Tropicana)

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Aspen Nightlife – Country & Western Dancing

Aspen Nightlife – Country & Western Dancing



Believe it or not, there is only one place in

Aspen where you can scoot a boot across the

dance floor to the sounds of George Strait, and

other Country & Western favorites – Shooter’s

Salon. Shooter’s Salon is located on South

Galena Street, and they are open from 6:30pm

to 2am every day, and again, this club has the

distinction of being the only Country & Western

club in the whole town of Aspen, Colorado.


Here, cowboy hats, creased jeans, and boots

are the expected attire. During the week, the

music is provided by a DJ, and on weekends

live bands provide the tunes. If you don’t know

how to do the Texas Two-Step, you can learn

how on any Thursday night which is when

Shooter’s offers free Country dance lessons.


Good beer, good music, great dancing, friendly

games of pool or darts – Shooter’s is a place

where all cowboy’s and cowgirl’s will feel right

at home. If you want to let your hair down,

without having to worry about breaking any of

the rules set by ‘polite society’ in the other fine

establishments located in Aspen, Shooter’s is

the place to do it!

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